Gjoollery was started by two young and creative individuals – Matija & Anja, who love the sea and everything associated with it. The main inspiration behind Gjoollery bracelets was the nautical lifestyle of modern sailors. Elegant nautical lifestyle combined with the adventurous nature of sailing  is something they want to spread through their bracelets. They wanted to create something that would remind you of sunny summer days and long summer nights throughout the year.

Matija & Anja come from a small, but beautiful mediterranean country – Croatia, famous for its sea and beautiful coast. Nautical lifestyle is something they are born with, something they experience every day and especially during the summer when Croatia is overwhelmed with tourists.

„We get inspired by nature and people around us every day! We’ll always try to spread this nautical lifestyle through our jewellery“ – Matija

Matija is a landscape architect who enjoys working with his hands, while Anja is in marketing and in love with design. Sound like a good combination, don’t you think? :)

What’s the meaning of Gjoollery name? We’ve built the brand name around Matija’s nickname – Gjooro. Matija (Gjooro) + Jewellery = Gjoollery!


„What is ‘manana’ in Spain, in Croatia it is called ‘pomalo’ which means something like: take it easy, relax, everything will fall into place. This is the philosophy behind our bracelets! Pomalo!“ – Anja


Sijecanjska 3

10 000 Zagreb


Phone: +385 91 7660047
Email: gjoo(at)gjoollery.com

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