Gjoollery nautical bracelet is meant to be versatile, it can be worn in summer and in winter, dressed up and down, for taking it easy or having an adventure. It is completely waterproof so that you can wear it while you’re sailing or embarking on some other sea-side activities. To keep its original form, we suggest to rinse it clean water every once in a while.

Every single Gjoollery nautical bracelet is handmade. It is made out of a single piece of rope and has no unnecessary knots or components which makes it unique. By making it by hand, we’re putting a little love, energy and enthusiasm into every bracelet.

Gjoollery nautical bracelets are made out of various authentic nautical sail cords of the highest grade, the kind used at sailing regattas. Anchor/shackle is from stainless steel and pendant, engraved with Gjoollery logotype, is from transparent Plexiglas.

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