In order to process your complaint as soon as possible, please send us the necessary documents to initiate a complaint procedure, as follows:

In case of a complaint, it is necessary to submit:

Reason for complaint (written, electronic or oral)
A copy of the invoice
A photo of the whole item
Photos of damage (preferably from several angles with adequate lighting)

General warranty conditions (conditions for all programs covered by the warranty)

The warranty begins on the day of purchase of the product by the end user. In case of replacement of the purchased product, the warranty period is calculated from the purchase of the first product (from the date on the warranty card)
In case of a complaint about the purchased product, it is necessary to have a record of the complaint, an invoice for the purchased product
The warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective product with a new one and / or a refund if the advertised part is no longer available for some reason
Third party costs are not included in the warranty
The product must be inspected by a qualified / authorized person, if it has been inspected by an unauthorized person, the customer loses the right to warranty

The complaint will not be valid in the following conditions:

If the product has not been handled in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
If the product is used inadequately (not provided in the instructions)
If the product is improperly used and stored (too low or high temperature, dust, moisture, etc. for too long)
If the damage is caused by poor and unprofessional handling of the product
If there is damage to the outer parts of the watch, glasses or other parts such as; strap, spectacle frames, glass, all external parts including zircons, paint, and possible damage caused by regular use
If it is a battery

An invoice as proof of purchase is mandatory for all complaint procedures.

If the repair / replacement of the item is not possible, we reserve the right to offer a replacement item of the same or higher value or, in case of impossibility of replacement, return a part of the money proportional to the remaining presumed life of the item.

Always maintain and repair the item in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, otherwise the item may be damaged and could cause a serious accident.
Gjoollery will not organize the collection of goods, but the buyer should do it at his own expense.

Gjoollery guarantees the correctness of the product during the warranty period (counting from the delivery of the product to the customer) and is obliged in case of product complaint to send it for inspection and / or repair within a reasonable time, if this is not possible or higher values, and in case of impossibility of exchange to return the money.

In case of a dispute over the justification of the complaint, the product will be given to a professional legal entity and / or to an expert witness. In case the justification of the complaint is determined, all the cost of the expert examination of Gjoollery, and in case of an unjustified complaint, the cost will be borne by the buyer.