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The website www.gjoolery.com is owned by the company DVADESET I TREĆA DIMENZIJA jdoo, Zagreb, Fraterščica 42a, OIB: 70140768098. These Terms of Purchase are part of the Seller’s obligation under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, and serve to ensure that the Buyer enters into a contract. remotely be informed in a clear and understandable manner about a number of circumstances relevant to the conclusion, execution, termination of the contract, all in accordance with the law.

The term Seller therefore refers to the company DVADESET I TREĆA DIMENZIJA j.d.o.o., Zagreb, Fraterščica 42a, OIB: 70140768098,
T: 013701805, E: gjoo@gjoollery.com, W: www.gjoollery.com. EU VAT ID: HR70140768098

The term Buyer also refers to the classic consumer, a natural person who orders and pays for any product outside of any activity through the web store services present on the Seller’s website, but also to tradesmen, sole traders and natural persons engaged in business activities, who are protected by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act only if they purchase products unrelated to their business activities, and to all other customers such as legal entities.

Return of goods can be made within 15 days of taking the order. The product can only be returned if it has not been used, it is in the original packaging which must not be damaged, and it must be accompanied by the details of the person returning the products. The return must be notified to the seller by filling out the form below. The product can be returned with a refund or exchange for another desired product.

The seller acts on his own behalf by selling through the website www.gjoollery.com. The terms of purchase form part of the contract concluded at a distance together with the specifications and price (s) of the purchased product (s), and before confirming the order to purchase a particular product, the Buyer will be asked to accept / declare that he is familiar with them. orders (conclusion of the contract) the same to be delivered to the Buyer as the content of the e-mail confirming that the contract has been concluded.

The seller reserves the right to change the conditions at any time, provided that these changes take effect after publication on this website.

When the Buyer confirms and executes the order, the contract is concluded, and the Seller will immediately notify you by e-mail that the contract has been concluded. For a valid contract, it is necessary that the Buyer is a person who has full business capacity. The buyer is responsible for the completeness and truthfulness of the data entered during registration. The terms of purchase are divided into the categories / information classified below.

Access to the website www.gjoollery.com may sometimes be unavailable due to works, maintenance or introduction of new content, and in cases of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Seller, which the Seller will seek to eliminate as soon as possible.

The main features of the goods

Main features of the goods: the products are shown descriptively and in photographs, and the data on them are made on the basis of the Seller’s database.

Photographs of products are illustrative in nature, and do not always and in all details correspond to the products that are the subject of the order. The seller especially emphasizes that the visual identity of the product shown in the photo does not have to match the appearance of the product in reality, especially considering the monitor settings on the customer’s computer, differences in color perception as seen by the customer on the screen, etc. and the delivered product is not a lack of product.

Product data (product description, price, etc.) displayed on the website www.gjoollery.com are subject to bugs, irregularities in the operation of the application, other technical irregularities, typographical errors, etc. In case of obvious errors or inaccuracies in the product data displayed at www.gjoollery.com Seller reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

The subject of the order can only be products for which the order states that they are available and available. Due to the large number of orders placed at www.gjoollery.com at the same time, product availability information may not be the same as stock status.

If the ordered product is not available in stock, the Seller will inform the Buyer that the product is not currently available, the period in which the product is available, agree on a new delivery date if necessary, and also offer the possibility of buying an alternative product that is available for delivery. closest to the product that cannot be delivered. In case of complete impossibility of delivery of the ordered and paid product, the Seller will refund all funds.

Product price

The prices displayed on the website www.gjoollery.com are expressed in HRK. The cost of VAT is included in the price of the product. The prices of the products do not include delivery costs for the reason that they are paid separately, except for orders above a certain amount when delivery is free, all in accordance with the conditions and in the manner indicated in these Terms of Purchase. Before confirming the order, the price of the product, the delivery price if it is charged, the price of VAT, and the final price are stated separately so that the Buyer has an insight into the final price he pays for the ordered purchase service. In case of payment by e-banking and general payment slip, the costs of payment and / or interbank transaction are not included in the price.

IMPORTANT: Each card transaction (debit and credit cards) is subject to verification by DVADESET I TREĆA DIMENZIJA JDOO , lasting one to three business days.

Availability of online store products and services

DVADESET I TREĆA DIMENZIJA JDOO reserves the right to withdraw any product from sale at any time. In such cases, the company DVADESET I TREĆA DIMENZIJA JDOO returns the full amount of money to the buyer of the undelivered and paid product, ie paid services, for those products that are no longer on offer, ie for those services that were paid but not performed, regardless of the reason for product withdrawal. from the sale or non-performance of the service. Also, the company DVADESET I TREĆA DIMENZIJA JDOO reserves the right to change, timely suspend or terminate the provision of e-commerce services.

[/ vc_column_text] [vc_column_text] WARRANTY / COMPLAINT

In case of a complaint, it is necessary to submit:

Reason for complaint (written, electronic or oral)
A copy of the invoice
A photo of the whole item
Photos of damage due to advertising (preferably from several angles with adequate lighting)

General warranty conditions (conditions for all programs covered by the warranty)

The warranty begins on the day of purchase of the product by the end user. In case of replacement of the purchased product, the warranty period is calculated from the purchase of the first product (from the date on the warranty card)
In case of a complaint about the purchased product, it is necessary to have a record of the complaint, an invoice for the purchased product
The warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective product with a new one and / or a refund if the advertised part is no longer available for some reason
Third party costs are not included in the warranty
The product must be inspected by a qualified / authorized person, if it has been inspected by an unauthorized person, the customer loses the right to warranty

The complaint will not be valid in the following conditions:

If the product has not been handled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
If the product is used inadequately (not provided in the instructions)
If the product is improperly used and stored (too low or high temperature, dust, moisture, etc. for too long)
If the damage is caused by poor and unprofessional handling of the product
If there is damage to the outer parts of the watch, glasses or other parts such as; strap, spectacle frames, glass, all external parts including zircons, paint, and possible damage caused by regular use
If it is a battery

An invoice as proof of purchase is mandatory for all complaint procedures.

If the repair / replacement of the item is not possible, we reserve the right to offer a replacement item of the same or higher value or, in case of impossibility of replacement, return a part of the money proportional to the remaining presumed life of the item.

Always maintain and repair the item in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise the item may be damaged and could cause a serious accident.

The twenty-third dimension j.d.o.o. will not organize the collection of advertised goods, but the buyer should do it at his own expense.

Twenty-third dimension jdoo guarantees the correctness of the product during the warranty period (counting from the delivery of the product to the customer) and is obliged in case of product complaint to send it for inspection and / or repair within a reasonable time, if this is not possible or higher values, and in case of impossibility of exchange to return the money.

In case of a dispute over the justification of the complaint, the product will be given to a professional legal entity and / or to an expert witness. In case the justification of the complaint is determined, all the cost of the expert examination of the DVADESET I TREĆA DIMENZIJA JDOO , and in case of an unjustified complaint, the cost will be borne by the buyer. [/ Vc_column_text] [vc_column_text] DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS / GOODS

All goods are delivered to courier (transport) services at your home address. Average delivery time is between 5-7 working days.

The deadline for submission is only on working days. Most products require a preparation time of 24/48 hours. Gjoollery will try to ship orders at the indicated time, but sometimes there may be delays that are beyond our control, which will not be the basis for any kind of refund. Any preparation time longer than 24/48 hours is estimated, and Gjoollery cannot guarantee that the estimated time limits will be met.

We reserve the right to change the design of the product and / or its packaging as part of its continuous improvement, in order to facilitate their sale, and will always guarantee that the quality of the product will be the same or improved.